Hi first,

I'm Christoph and here we go. This is my first blog post. After reading so many great blogs, I wanted to start my technology blog. So here can you read more about me.

Now the time has come. A new blog is here.
This blog is based on the Ghost Blogging platform, hosting is provided by Hetzner.de and protected by Cloudflare.

The idea to start my blog wasn't something new, but frankly, I didn't have time to set up a blog or write posts - until now. After reading many retrospectives I had the urge to start.

From now on it will be blogging about programming (MS Stack including C#, .Net, SQL Server, DevOps, Security) but also about Linux, Ghost, and from time to time there will certainly be something private details. But this time it should not get out of hand. At least that is currently still on my 'goals list'. However, enough of the big words and enjoy reading.

Because this blog post is scheduled for New Year's Eve I wish you a happy new year.