Move self-hosted Octopus Deploy to Cloud

Move self-hosted Octopus Deploy to Cloud

After running Octopus Deploy server on our dedicated hardware behind our corporate firewall, we had some limitations with the upload bandwidth, and we wanted to avoid managing the server ourselves. We know that we would have to increase the Tentacles because, in one project, most customers require the software to run on their dedicated hardware. So we decided to migrate to the Octopus Deploy Cloud Version.

The migration was effortless. Let's start with some statistics:

  • 1885 Entries in DeploymentHistory Table
  • 3 Projects
  • 40403 Events
  • Database Size: ~ 1500 MB
  • Folder-size: ~ 9.2 GB
  • Deployment Targets: 10 Tentacles

You can read the current guidelines for the migration at the Octopus Deploy documentation
The process required:

  • Backup the Octopus database
  • Backup Artifacts, TaskLogs and Packages folder
  • Provide the master data key
  • Schedule the migration date
  • Upload the Backup to a given website

After the migration, you have to reconfigure your tentacles. Polling tentacles have to be updated with the new server address, and listening tentacles will need to be re-registered. However, it seems like a great idea to convert listening tentacles to polling tentacles to avoid having to open ports in your firewall.

Overall the migration took us less than one business day. We are pretty happy with the result. We had no outage so far, and the Support is super fast in responding to questions.